Our qualified staff and shop workers are at your disposal to provide you with quick service and quality for all your steel fabrication needs such as cutting (shear and torch), perforation (drill and punch), bending, rolling, assembly, welding, sandblasting, painting and transport.

* All our products are covered by a liability insurance.

Here is a list of our products and services :

Various welded assemblies
  • mines
  • steel works
  • pulp and paper machines
  • hydraulics
Structural works
  • platforms
  • handrails
  • ladders
  • stairs
Process equipment
  • industrial chimneys
  • stacks, barrels
  • reels for wire rope
  • vessels
Pollution control
  • dust collectors
  • components for water treatment
  • catalyst support frame
Material handling
  • silos
  • chutes
  • hoppers
  • cyclones
  • tanks
  • conveyors
  • furnaces
Miscellaneous works
  • We can assume the coordination of all the work required for each project such as welding, assembly, machining and final assembly.